Santa Barbara Addition Architects

Let us show you what can be done under the new expansive State and County rules.

Santa Barbara Addition Architects

Second Dwelling Units for Santa Barbara County

Guest House Expansions

  • 1,200 sq.ft. now allowed with full kitchen and bath
  • Existing zoning violations can be permitted, approved as-built

Senior, Assisted Care Additions

  • “Granny Flats”

Family Compounds

  • Site Plan and Design for Extended Family
  • Multi-generational community and privacy



  • An alternative is to add a second living unit with taste and good planning
  • Create equity, add value – let your capital base grow with your home while you live there, maintaining lower overhead
  • Continue to live on-site but with dignity and privacy not underfoot and not in the way, i.e. multi-generational extended family living
  • Gain familial support and financial strength


  • Cost of sale – commissions, repair and staging
  • Capital gains taxes on your present equity
  • New property tax reset on the purchase
  • Dislocation / disruption

If you add up the costs, a major portion of your net assets are gone and you may be forced to move out of the area to buy again.

Age-in-Place Addition
Age-in-Place Remodel

Stay in place and maintain your life, your assets, and your roots in the community. Or if you already have a “granny” unit ADU in place, legalize and permit what you have so it may remain a permanent improvement on your property. The ADU, “granny flat”, is now permittable here in Montecito.

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