Our Mission

Sewall and Associates is a full service Residential architectural firm with a portfolio of homes throughout California from St. Malo Beach and Rancho Santa Fe up to Carmel Valley, with offices in Carmel and Santa Barbara. Our goal is to combine customer service with style and professional integrity. We specialize in traditional styles from Mediterranean, Hacienda, to Shingle style and French Country.

It has been our great fortune to work with many distinguished clients from whom we have not only learned tasteful design, but also what is required from us in order to meet their high expectations. Our longstanding professional practice documents our ability to provide our clients with a home of great style, great comfort, and great value. In addition, at our firm the Owners meet with the principal throughout, not a subordinate associate after the project is initiated.

We seek also to provide a level of control for the client that insures the Owner is protected from unforeseen delays, budget overruns, and unnecessary permit processing. From the start we set up a team approach to project management which starts with the truth that it is the client’s resources on the line.

Jock M. Sewall A.I.A.



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